How Has the Coronavirus Pandemic Affected Real Estate Brokerages?

BY: Jeffrey D. Jones, ASA, CBA, CBI

I was recently invited to share my expert opinion on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected real estate brokerages across the country.

I, along with a number of esteemed colleagues in the industry, participated in a survey that was recently released by Real Estate Bees, a rapidly growing national community of real estate experts (click here to see a copy of the survey

I find this survey report timely and very important so that real estate professionals will have an idea of the real status of the industry in this critical time.

My answers were featured in the following sections:

1. What are the specific negative impacts the pandemic is having on real estate brokerages?

2. What unexpected opportunities have the pandemic opened for real estate brokers?

3. What marketing channels do you prefer to use during the pandemic and why?

Apart from sharing insights into these questions, all participants have been also asked to comment on what they thought about shifting to a “work from home” arrangement and what steps we would take had we known the impact of the pandemic to their business beforehand. They also answered a set of multiple-choice questions that aim to get a deeper understanding of the subject.

Take a look at this interesting survey report to know more about what real estate brokers and other real estate professionals thought about the pandemic’s effect on the industry.

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